Making a village Energy Surplus: Borvha Project

We have been working on biogas for the past 4 years now. Our solution Vaayu is a modular, human scale biogas device which requires zero operating energy. We have always faced the challenge of how to make Vaayu affordable for the common person. We are solving for affordability. Biogas for rural areas has been traditionally seen as a system running on gobar or animal dung primarily used for cooking fuel....

Creating rural livelihoods on surplus bio energy

Rural areas have various form of biomass which can be used as input to Vaayu. Dung of all animals Green grass Human sewage All food waste Depending on the seasonal availability of the above inputs we can design our systems. Through knowledge transfer we can enable rural people to drive this science. This includes installing, operating, trouble shooting. Here are some of our installation in rural homes. Currently these are used...

Invitation to meet the Green Energy Warriors

As a  part of an initiative by Samuchit Enviro Tech on Citizens Charter and Action agenda for Sustainable Pune, meet the common people who have become Green Energy Warriors. A process which began about 4 years ago is now a community of more than a 1000 people.  Through 130 installations across Maharashtra the Vaayu Mitra community is converting about 1 ton of food waste per day into about 1,000 cylinders worth...

LPG Free initiative coverage

Our initiative to manage the food waste generated in the society was covered in the media. Sharing this coverage. This coverage has helped to reach out to many nature lovers and social entrepreneurs who would like to do a similar initiative at their place. The Mirror The Better India NDTV The Times of India
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One step toward Fossil Independence

For the past 4 years, we are working related to biogas. This has been an intense learning experience. We have made 135 installations of Vaayu so far. Our customers or Vaayu-mitras as we call them are managing upto 1 ton of food waste per day and saving about 1,000 LPG cylinders worth fuel per year. Recently i came across the poem ‘Go all the way’ by  Charles Bukowski. The first...

‘Go all the way’ by Charles Bukowski

“If you’re going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don’t even start. This could mean losing girlfriends, wives, relatives and maybe even your mind. It could mean not eating for three or four days. It could mean freezing on a park bench. It could mean jail. It could mean derision. It could mean mockery — isolation. Isolation is the gift. All the others are a test of your endurance, of how...
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प्रदर्शनात भेटीचे निमंत्रण

मित्रांनो, या वेळी दिवाळी निमित्त तुम्हाला एका वेगळ्या लक्षमीचे पूजन करण्याची सुसंधी आहे. आपल्या घरातच असलेली ही लक्ष्मी सध्या आपण घराबाहेर घालवत आहोत. विज्ञान रुपी सरस्वतीच्या साहाय्याने आपण तिचे घरातच पूजन करूया! आपण जाणताच की आपले शहर कचऱ्याच्या एका जटिल प्रश्नाने ग्रासले गेले आहे. पण या आव्हानातूनच एका नव्या संधीचा जन्म झाला आहे. आपण आपल्याच कचऱ्यातून अतिशय सहज पणे ऊर्जा निर्मिती करू शकतो व आपल्याच घरात वापरूही शकतो. आपली इंधन...

ज्ञानप्रबोधिनी निगडी शाळेतील विद्यार्थी झाले वायु मित्र

स्वच्छता आणि ऊर्जेच्या चळवळीत विद्यार्थी शामिल करून घेण्याची आमची नेहमीच तयारी असते.  विद्यार्थी या चळवळीत उत्साह व नवीन रंग भारतात. तसेच वायु स्वतः बनवून व वापरुन अत्यंत ताकदीचे विज्ञान चालवायला शिकतात. असाच अनुभव ज्ञान प्रबोधिनी निगडी च्या शाळेत आला. पूर्वा ताई, शिवराज दादा, इनर व्हील क्लब ऑफ निगडी प्राईड अशा अनेक उत्साही घटक यात आमच्याबरोबर शामिल होते. वायु चे विज्ञान चालवायला फार सोपे आहे. कचर्‍यात ऊर्जा दिसण्याची ताकद हे ज्ञान देते....

गणपती उत्सवा निमित्त स्वच्छतेचा संदेश

या वर्षी गणपती उत्सवात स्वच्छता विषय घेतला जातो आहे. संतनगर मित्र मंडळाने 'वायु' टीम ला हा विषय लोकांपर्यंत पोचवण्याची संधी उपलब्ध करून दिली. त्याबद्दल श्री विठ्ठल वाळूंज व संतनगर मित्र मंडळाचे आभार! अंदाजे 500 नागरिकांपर्यंत विषय पोचवता आला.

Invitation to see a working Vaayu inside a flat

Dear Environement Enthusiasts, We received an overwhelming response from citizens at the exhibition organised by PCMC on waste management during 17 to 19 Aug. We are even more energised to work for this cause of waste management and renewable energy. We are now organising an informal meeting to see a working Vaayu inside the house. Seeing a working unit will help further discuss how we can take Vaayu to solve...