Award by Entrepreneurs' International
Green Enterprise Award

Entrepreneurship Awards

Chakraakaar Lifestyle Solutions Pvt.Ltd. is awarded with ‘Green Enterprise’ award on 28th ENTREPRENEUR’s DAY by ‘Entrepreneurs’ International’, a charitable trust that promotes entrepreneurship.

Paryavaran Mitra Awards

Poornam Ecovision’ a Pune based social enterprise, working for community & environment has awarded the ‘Paryavaran Mitra’ award to the founder Priyadarshan Sahasrabuddhe.
The award recognized his contribution towards ‘Sustainable Lifestyles’ by developing ‘Vaayu’; and Vaayu’s first significant milestone of managing 1 ton of waste on a daily basis, creating a sustained source of renewable energy.

Media Recognition

National & Local media has avidly recognized ‘Vaayu’.  Below are the links to a few of the significant ones.


Innovative Minds

Ms Shivani, Research Intern, at CSIR-NISCAIR covered Priyadarshan’s work in science journal ‘Science Reporter’ issue May 2019, under segment ‘Innovative Minds’.

The better India on Vaayu’s innovation

“Our organic waste is not a problem and is actually a solution to our energy problem. Social collaborations are very essential in such a scenario. For example, in our society, everyone segregates their own waste.”

NDTV's Swatchh India segment on impactful Vaayu

A Biogas Startup By An IIT-Bombay Alumnus Aims To Fight Air Pollution And Manage Waste
To help fight air pollution and to manage the waste generated at home, Priyadarshan Sahasrabuddhe created a biogas plant to kill two birds with one stone


Times of India on making home LPG-free with Vaayu

If you panic at the thought of rinning out of gas,you can take a leaf out of Priyadashran sahasrabudde’s book and think about reducing your dependence on LPG refills.


कचऱ्यातून घरगुती वापराच्या गॅसची निर्मिती : Maharashtra Times

रोजच्या रोज तयार होणाऱ्या कचऱ्याचे विघटन कसे करायचे, हा प्रश्न महानगरांसह आता शहरांनाही भेडसावू लागला आहे.


PuneMirror Indiatimes: make trash to fuel with Vaayu

This techniques produces 600-700 liters of gas,covering the majority of the 1000 litres required.In summers,the fuel generation marks an increase owing to increased bacterial activity.


Idea Towards Environmental Entrepreneurship: Successful Indian

It seems today’s world is full of tragic stories about how the environment around us is deteriorating. Planet Earth is getting filled with tons of waste materials from man-made activities.


Innovation to Convert your kitchen waste to cooking gas: Mad4India

The entire human civilization depends on non-renewable sources of energy like petroleum, coal, and natural gas. If we keep using the non-renewable source of energy at this speed, it will leave nothing for the future generation.


Convert Wet waste Into Cooking Fuel: Pune365

The wet waste generated at your home every day can now actually help you save on cooking gas expenses…


Vaayu: A mind-blowing solution - 'What's hot in Pune'

Punekars never fail to amaze us and we have yet another example to support our statement. City-based Priyadarshan Sahasrabuddhe has come up with a solution to effectively utilise the bio waste of his society and eliminate the use of LPG from the kitchen through his bio-plant.