Imparting Green-skills for a green future

Imparting Green-skills for a green future

Globally it is admitted that mass unemployment and climate change are two generation-defining crises the youth is facing and will inherit. While the unemployment crisis is deteriorating with Covid-19 pandemic, with climate change it is going to worsen further. Forcing the youth of today to live in a world of extremes, uncertainties, and environmental crises. (Marlene Leiss) In such situation empowering the youth with green-skills and green jobs is seen...
Pallavi Malshe

Our own Junglebook!

How we grew our own jungle with Miyawaki approach! It all started with a series of events, that led me to grow this jungle! When on a study tour to Bangalore's Toyota Kirloskar Motor in 2012-13, I came across a dense forest plantation. It made me curious, and it was what stayed with me after the study tour rather than the manufacturing methods that we had gone to learn.   Then...
Pallavi Malshe

मेरा बाबा देश नहीं चलाएगा

Remember the 'Mera Baba Desh Chalata Hai'  campaign by the Tata Trusts? (link: ) Video link: The plight of sanitation workers shown in it shocked & disturbed us intensely. This video brings tears to my eyes to see how this reality exists in the India of the twenty-first century. In that India, in which i live and work.  Our endeavour ‘Chakraakaar Lifestyle Solutions’ functions with a vision to develop...

Community transmission: Of sustainable actions

Climate Change,  piles and piles of waste, humongous dumping grounds are our reality today. 'WE' are the root of these problems! OUR lifestyles is the problem. That is actually the good news. Since WE are the problem the solution is with 'US'. We can do something about it. We can take decisions. Here's how! This is Avanti Society on Sinhagad road, Pune. They collectively have taken the decision to make...

Join the climate movement! Invitation for the First Volunteer Meet

Climate change is an emergency! An ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory! Lets take small steps of action which will gradually emerge to make powerful impact! We develop small biogas units to empower common people to make energy from biomass and start preparing for the future. Currently through 200 installations we are saving about 1,200 cylinders of fossil LPG. We are looking for Volunteers to take this...

Cooking for Climate!

The proof of the pudding lies in eating! Lets meet and eat... Food cooked entirely on renewable energy. On biogas, on Biomass stoves and on Solar heat. We will cook and while cooking get to know how these techniques work. Needless to say we will eat what we have cooked! 21st Dec, 2019 Saturday, 11 am To register follow the link: ​ Venue: Our farm is at the following location. About...

A Restaurant without LPG?

Dear Sustainability Warriors, Since last Sunday i.e 18th August 2019, we started a restaurant at the farm. We served zunka bhakar to about 25 people. The difference being it was cooked on 'Vaayu' our biogas system at the farm. I would dare say that this will be the first such restaurant which will use biogas for cooking. Biogas which is derived from green grass and waste food. In a typical...

Making a village Energy Surplus: Borvha Project

We have been working on biogas for the past 4 years now. Our solution Vaayu is a modular, human scale biogas device which requires zero operating energy. We have always faced the challenge of how to make Vaayu affordable for the common person. We are solving for affordability. Biogas for rural areas has been traditionally seen as a system running on gobar or animal dung primarily used for cooking fuel....

Invitation to meet the Green Energy Warriors

As a  part of an initiative by Samuchit Enviro Tech on Citizens Charter and Action agenda for Sustainable Pune, meet the common people who have become Green Energy Warriors. A process which began about 4 years ago is now a community of more than a 1000 people.  Through 130 installations across Maharashtra the Vaayu Mitra community is converting about 1 ton of food waste per day into about 1,000 cylinders worth...

LPG Free initiative coverage

Our initiative to manage the food waste generated in the society was covered in the media. Sharing this coverage. This coverage has helped to reach out to many nature lovers and social entrepreneurs who would like to do a similar initiative at their place. The Mirror The Better India NDTV The Times of India
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