Frequently asked questions

How much waste can we put in the biogas?

Vaayu is primarily a waste management device. We will design it based on how much waste we plan to put into it. One family generates a maximum of 500 g of food waste everyday. For this quantity a 200 litre digestor suffices. In case we need to digest more waste (for a society or a hotel) we will specifically design a solution for you!

Is it necessary to crush the waste before putting it in?

No it is not necessary.

How much time does it take for gas to generate?

From the day of installation, the system takes about 7 to 10 days after which gas generation begins continue. After this we gradually start putting in waste. Over the next two months, the system will start working at the maximum designed capacity. Once this happens, the gas generation time is about 10-12 hours. That means if we put in waste now, it will be converted to gas in the next 10-12 hours

Do we need to use dung?

No. We will provide the bacterial culture to start the system. Once the system starts working, this active solution can be used to start new systems. However, if you wish to generate the bacterial culture from first principles, then we need to use dung.

How to Change my Photo from Admin Dashboard?

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Is it necessary to put system in sunlight?

It is not necessary, but it is desirable. We should place the system where high temperatures are available. The bacteria work better in temperatures between 30 to 40 C.