Waste problem Solved! For ever!

Vaayu, is a high-tech biogas technology that converts the hidden energy in our food waste to cooking and heating fuel. The most reliable way to get rid of waste so that we can promise a waste-free world for our future generations.

Our Reach

Our Reach


Housing Societies

Housing Societies

Housing Societies

  • From single building societies to townships and housing societies, there is no need to ever take stress about waste anymore.
  • Customized solutions for handling your waste with a monthly subscription as less as ₹100 per family per month. .
  • Also get rebate on property tax as per tax policies.

Food Business

  • A waste management solution for hotels, restaurants and cafes that will pay itself back in 3 years and ensure you have the best return on investment.

Corporate / Institution Canteens

  • Subscribe to our sustainable waste management solutions that ensure your leftover food or food waste from canteens of schools, colleges, and hostels or also corporates, are taken care of in such a manner that they are compliant with the latest quality and environmental norms.


  • Live in a waste-free world by putting your daily waste to good use within your homes.
  • Become sustainable homes that know how to take care of their own waste without having to depend on any external person or institution to take care of waste for you.


  • Join us as a CSR partner to address the problem of waste by supporting NGOs to save their recurring fuel costs and becoming energy self reliant..

Vaayu at the farm/farm house

  • Make your farmhouses and farms sustainable and LPG-free with our Food waste, Sewage-based or Gobar gas solutions.


Discover the Magic of Waste with Vaayu which is on a mission to convert 200 tons of food waste into energy over the next 5 years through people participation. Join hands with Pune based Priyadarshan Sahasrabuddhe, a young IIT Bombay alumnus, conservationist and founder of Vaayu. Become a Vaayu-Mitra today!.’

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Avanti Society Location : Pune

Being a socially responsible society we had earlier devised 9 composting pits in our society, but eventually we found its shortcomings of consuming big space, difficulties in maintaining it and foul smell. We are glad that we found Vaayu and adopted it for our society. It consumes much lesser space, easy to operate and maintain, no problem of odour, rodents or filthiness, with guaranteed customer support this is a best choice for society's wet waste-management.

Vinay Dikshit Location : Pune

Making a significant measurable impact is what matters to our CSR wing. With Vaayu we can always measure & monitor the multifold impact we are making, both towards the climate change and supporting social organizations. We have supported 4 social organizations with Vaayu so far, and look forward to grow this collaboration.

Advait Joshi Location : Pune

With Vaayu I have become LPG free! forever! can't even count the LPG cylinders I will be saving in my life with just one lifestyle change! To all the zero-waste enthusiasts, I want to say, this solution will not only help you to go zero-waste, but will also help you to go LPG free and reduce your carbon-footprint very significantly!