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At your home Vaayu is a gift to your future generation.  A gift for a clean world and an energy secure world. 

  • Your first step with Vaayu, is to be completely waste free.
  • Your second step is to be completely LPG free, but hey you could jump to the second step too 🙂
  • Be a Climate Ambassador
  • Bring dignity to managing waste

Along with our food waste management solution, set up your own sewage management solution that can help you and your home become an ideal space for waste conversion into fuel.  terrace or garden.

Family Installation Gallery

Vaayu Assurance

With Vaayu, we assure

 No rodents or pests attack 

No foul smell or filth

Zero electricity consumption

Society's wet waste-management problem solved forever! 

An excellent source for a natural fertilizer (bio-slurry) for all your balcony and kitchen gardens

Possibility to monetize your biogas

Vaayu is specially designed to fit into your home and be a part of your family.

  • In your balcony
  • On the terrace
  • In your garden

Dont worry together we will figure out a way! Its easier for sure than fighting global wars for importing our LPG, isn’t it? With Vaayu you will also get rebate on Property Tax based on the rules of your Local Body!


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