Farms and Farm Houses

When we build a farmhouse, it is a home away from home, in the lap of nature. When we are amidst nature, how about we take another step in making our lifestyle sustainable and more eco-friendly? Vaayu helps you take your nature experience to a whole new level.

Get closer to nature with

  • Vaayu to manage food waste
  • Vaayu for your sewage management
  • Vaayu for Gobar

Make your farm truly sustainable by completely using natural energy through Vaayu

Farm / Farm Houses Installation Gallery

Vaayu Assurance

With Vaayu, we assure

 No rodents or pests attack 

No foul smell or filth

Zero electricity consumption

Society's wet waste-management problem solved forever! 

An excellent source for a natural fertilizer (bio-slurry) for all your balcony and kitchen gardens

Possibility to monetize your biogas

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