Food Business

When you are a player in the dynamic food business, you are always seeking solutions for handling and managing your food waste.

  • What if the corporation truck doesn’t come to pick up the waste?
  • What if you are left with all the food waste and don’t know what to do with it?
  • What about the stench and the problem of rodents?
  • What about kitchen waste management?

How to deal with all this?

DO NOT STRESS.  Vaayu will address your problem of waste forever. Get rid of your constant tension on how to deal with your ‘kachra’. Vaayu’s waste management solution for hotels, restaurants and cafes will not only take care of all the food waste at source to generate fuel to make it self-sustaining, but also ensure that it pays back within 3 years to ensure you have the best return on your investment

As one of the biggest consumers of energy, it’s time for payback by simply saving on costs for kitchen waste management spends. Take that step towards adopting an eco-friendly waste management solution with Vaayu and you don’t have to bother about your waste woes anymore.

With Vaayu’s sewage management solution, hotels and restaurants, can also monitor the chemicals used for washing the toilets, so that the residual water can be recycled properly for green spaces within the property.

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Vaayu Assurance

With Vaayu, we assure

 No rodents or pests attack 

No foul smell or filth

Zero electricity consumption

Society's wet waste-management problem solved forever! 

An excellent source for a natural fertilizer (bio-slurry) for all your balcony and kitchen gardens

Possibility to monetize your biogas

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