Housing Societies

  • Every Swaccha Society takes us one step closer toward Swaccha Bharat
  • With Vaayu you far exceed the expectations laid down by the Municipal Solid Waste Management Rules
  • Avail Property Tax rebate for all members as per Local Body Rules
  • Get long term peace of mind of solving for waste for ever
  • The most sustainable system at the most affordable price (Far less than your Netflix Subscription)
  • Small biogas plant for home

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With Vaayu, we assure

 No rodents or pests attack 

No foul smell or filth

Zero electricity consumption

Society's wet waste-management problem solved forever! 

Possibility to monetize your biogas

An excellent source for a natural fertilizer (bio-slurry) for all your balcony and kitchen gardens


Informative video on Society Installations

Adopt a sustainable way to manage waste and make a positive contribution to the environment as well. Make your own energy and be a self-sustaining society, an ideal example for others to follow suit.

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