Individual family setup for your home is the simplest climate action. It has NO BAD ODOUR or NO floating smell.

Vaayu in the balcony

Vaayu can fit in your flat or your bungalow. It can be installed in the

  • Balcony
  • Garden or
  • Terrace

Home system in the garden

Its the most sustainable way to manage waste and we can actually enter the climate movement by beginning to make our own energy!

Home system on the terrace

Let us see the experience of Vaayu Mitras in their own words. Vaayu Mitra means friends of Vaayu. People who are using Vaayu are Vaayu Mitras.

Rajesh Jain is passionate about living a green lifestyle. He has done several projects at his home. Let us have a look at his experience.

Lets us see Surendra Kulkarni talk about his experience.

Capacity of Home system

Home systems are primarily waste management solutions. Amount of gas generated will depend on the calorie content of the food waste fed.

Max food waste that can be digested per day 2 kg
Cooking time per day Upto 40 mins

Space requirement

  • Digester: 2 feet (60 cm) diameter;  and height 3 feet (90 cm)
  • Gas storage balloon with stand: 3 feet (90 cm) diameter; and 3 feet (90 cm)
  • Balloon can be wall mounted to save floor space

Wall mounted balloon in the balcony

Single Burner Stove