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The world is facing a food waste management crisis, and India is no exception. Vaayu’s solution is to make sure that food doesn’t go to waste by producing cooking gas it.

Vaayu, is on a mission to create an energy-independent and sustainable future for generations to come. We have identified Food waste management as one of the biggest threats and has been working tirelessly with his towards building solutions for Food waste management

Vaayu’s efforts are not limited only to climate change. They also work towards creating a circular economy by coming up with innovative solutions for waste management crises like LPG free homes and Generation For Generations (G4G) – an initiative that will help in creating sustainable communities

Vaayu is a sustainable food waste management solution that uses natural processes to convert organic waste into Cooking gas

The Vaayu’s work was noticed by National Geographic, Better India and was awarded the Green Skills Innovation Challenge winner for their work on food waste management. They also won the Paryavaran Mitra Award for their work on sustainable food practices.

Our work was covered by The Better India and National Geographic !!

In 2021 we won the Green Skills Innovation Challenge for our

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