Egypt Pyramid & Food Pyramid

We are a team of passionate entrepreneurs who find our calling in solving for the civilisations two biggest challenges.

Climate Change
End of Fossil Fuel

The time has come for our generation to act so that we leave a sustainable and peaceful world for the generations to come.

We develop solutions that enable us to make the shift towards sustainable living.

Our current solutions

Vaayu: Food Waste Biogas

Solves your food waste problem forever 

Vaayu can be setup at

Rajhans: Human Waste (black water) Biogas

Solves your human waste (black water) management problem forever

Rajhans can be setup at

Tons of waste managed every day
LPG cylinders replaced per year
Tons of fossil carbon-dioxide emission offset every year

Our work was featured by National Geographic in the One for Change series

Our systems approach to solving for waste was covered by National Geographic. This was a part of ‘One for Change’ Series which showcases individuals from across India who are taking significant steps towards planet conservation

BBC marathi has showcased how our founder Priyadarshan cooks free of LPG. Using biogas supplied by Sanitation workers

This coverage in Hindi explains how simple it is to make our own cooking gas from waste

We were amongst the 12 winners globally to win the Green Skills Innovation Challenge 2021 by the Ashoka Foundation and HSBC

Generation For Generations

We have found our calling in addressing the energy and climate crises. Two of our civilization’s most significant challenges. We feel that this is a golden age for social entrepreneurs like ourselves. We are enthusiastically embracing this challenge to make our lives more meaningful and to answer to the demand of our times.

We are a climate company dedicated to developing solutions that will assist ordinary people to make the transition to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.


Our solutions can be implemented at

Corporate / Institution Canteens

Subscribe to our sustainable waste management solutions

  • Ensure that food waste from institutional or corporate canteens is handled in a sustainable manner.
  • comply with the most recent quality tests and environmental regulations, providing you the advantage of being an eco-friendly institution

Food Business

A waste management solution for hotels, restaurants

  • Cafés that will pay for themselves in three years and provide the best return on investment

Indiviual Homes

Live in a waste-free world by putting your daily waste to good use within your homes

  • Become sustainable homes that know how to care for themselves
  • They are responsible for their own garbage, rather than relying on a third party.

Housing Societies

From single building societies to townships and housing

  • Societies, you no longer need to be concerned about waste.
  • Customized waste management solutions at the most economical prices.
  • Receive a property tax credit based on tax rules.


CSR: We collaborate with corporates to create maximum, measurable, longterm impact for the planet and for people. Read More. (This can go in the segments as CSR Collaborations)

Safai Karmi Becoming Urja Karmi

Our systems have been appropriately designed so that common people can use them.This opened up a golden opportunity for us for a systemic intervention to solve the waste problem. We started working together with safai karmacharis. We started to train them to operate and maintain Vaayu. This transformed their profile from being sanitation workers to energy suppliers. This increased the value of their work which increased their livelihood. 

Cafe Climate

The idea of the Cafe emerged when we started producing far more gas than we could consume at our workshop. Our workshop is located at a farm. We make the microbial innoculum here which is used to start the systems that we install.