Why Vaayu

Our human civilisation today is built on fossil energy in the form of petroleum, coal and natural gas. As we wean our civilisation from fossil energy and shift to renewables we are at a turning point in history. Can we script a future where renewable energy is available to all? Can the common person and the living world at large play a role of significance? This is the question we would like to challenge ourselves with.

Vaayu can empower the common person to play a role through a symbiosis with the living world to capture the energy of the sun and convert it to usable form. Vaayu will convert the photo-synthetically captured solar energy into burnable Methane gas through a completely biological process.



Through the involvement of all our Vaayu-Mitra (friends who are using Vaayu). We have been able to make a positive impact on the envrironment around us. This positive impact is increasing as more and more people adopt Vaayu. Currently we have the following impact:

Kgs of waste managed per day

LPG cylinders saved per year

Tons of fossil CO2 emission prevented per year

What is Vaayu

‘Vaayu’ is a biogas technology, which will convert the hidden energy in our food waste to Methane
gas which can be used directly as a cooking and heating fuel.

  • It is very easy for home use
  • Will fit in your balcony, terrace or garden or even in your kitchen

And most important of all, it will give you the joy of making your own green fuel, and enable you to take a concrete step towards a green lifestyle.
Curious to know how it works?

Vaayu-Mitra Community

Vaayu mitra is a community of people who are using Vaayu and generating their own energy from waste. We believe that through small and concrete steps, we can shift to fossil free lifestyles. The community is experimenting on various solutions like biogas, water recycling, growing food organically. This community is currently in Pune, Aurangabad, Sangli-Miraj, Dapoli, Nanded, Umarkhed and Hyderabad.

Have a look at
Vaayu-Mitra community.