CSR Projects

As a corporate, in addition to business, efforts are made to channelize resources and funds towards common causes of social welfare and community benefits. The simplest connect that every corporate has, is with the environment. Every organization seeks to make a positive contribution towards the environment by supporting monetarily or through active involvement of its employees. Seeking long-term benefits for the climate and environment, Vaayu offers the perfect match for all corporates and their CSR needs. Every NGO has certain daily expenses that need to be met.

Corporates help these NGOs by adopting their operations as well as managing and allocating funds for their multiple activities. One of the major costs that can be cut for any NGO is the cost for LPG or cooking fuel. With Vaayu’s waste-management solutions, NGOs can now be empowered to make their own fuel and cooking gas. One of the most sustainable solutions that can be given to any NGO is the gift to become self-sustaining as far as their waste management and cooking is concerned. Corporates can join Vaayu to address this problem permanently and implement these solutions for themselves as well as for the NGOs they support.

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