Vaayu 2 kg food waste per day

(For a family size of upto 5 people)

For families who want to manage their own organic waste.

  • Manage all your kitchen waste (maximun capacity upto 2 kg per day)
  • Get between 20 to 40 minutes of cooking time per day
  • The joy that not a gram of our waste will go out of our house but will be converted to energy

Vaayu 5 kg food waste per day

(Complete freedom from LPG/piped gas which are fossil fuels, for family size upto 5 people)

For families who would like to take an extra step to completely eliminate fossil fuel dependence for cooking.

  • Manage between 6 to 8 kg of waste everyday
  • Become entirely free from fossil fuel for cooking
  • Take a concrete step towards greening your lifestyle

Customised Solution?

(Right solution for your specific needs)

If you have a specific objective in mind, other than the above we would be happy to offer a customised solution to you. Just send us your contact information in below form and we will reach out to you.

Vaayu Managing Service

We can also provide a service of managing and operating your system. ​You invest in the solution and we will operate it for you while you get to use a green fuel. Just send us your contact information in below form and we will reach out to you.

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