Imparting Green-skills for a green future

Imparting Green-skills for a green future

Globally it is admitted that mass unemployment and climate change are two generation-defining crises the youth is facing and will inherit. While the unemployment crisis is deteriorating with Covid-19 pandemic, with climate change it is going to worsen further. Forcing the youth of today to live in a world of extremes, uncertainties, and environmental crises. (Marlene Leiss) In such situation empowering the youth with green-skills and green jobs is seen...
Pallavi Malshe

Our own Junglebook!

How we grew our own jungle with Miyawaki approach! It all started with a series of events, that led me to grow this jungle! When on a study tour to Bangalore's Toyota Kirloskar Motor in 2012-13, I came across a dense forest plantation. It made me curious, and it was what stayed with me after the study tour rather than the manufacturing methods that we had gone to learn.   Then...
Pallavi Malshe

मेरा बाबा देश नहीं चलाएगा

Remember the 'Mera Baba Desh Chalata Hai'  campaign by the Tata Trusts? (link: ) Video link: The plight of sanitation workers shown in it shocked & disturbed us intensely. This video brings tears to my eyes to see how this reality exists in the India of the twenty-first century. In that India, in which i live and work.  Our endeavour ‘Chakraakaar Lifestyle Solutions’ functions with a vision to develop...

पेस्ट कंट्रोल नंतर मनातील प्रश्नचक्र

नुकतेच आमच्या सोसायटी मध्ये पेस्ट कंट्रोल झाले. सकाळी खाली उतरलो तेव्हा मेलेल्या झुरळांचा खच पडला होता. एवढी सगळी झुरळे होती कुठे, आली कुठून? मला आश्चर्य वाटले. संध्याकाळी घरी परत आलो तेव्हा बाल्कनीत सुद्धा एक झुरळ मेलेले दिसले. तेव्हा मात्र काळजी वाटली. नुकतेच जीवित नदी या संस्थेनी विष मुक्त जीवनशैली या विषयावर कार्यशाळा घेतली होती. या कार्यशाळेत शैलजा ताईंनी आपल्या रोजच्या जगण्यात कशी अनेक केमिकल्स शामिल झाली आहेत याबद्दल मांडणी केली...