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Here is a comparison between Vaayu biogas solution & other composting solutions. Overall, in our view composting needs readiness to go for trial and error, the operator needs good significant knowledge and practice for composting since troubleshooting is needed quite frequently, and the end product is a manure; While our biogas solution is technically sound, user-friendly, and gives multiple gains. Our committed customer service makes it even better experience for you!

Comparison Parameters Vaayu biogas solutions Composting pit Composting m/c
waste intake acceptance All kind of wet waste – cooked/uncooked, veg/non veg food waste except coconut shell, wood Only uncooked food Uncooked food & dry cooked food
ease of operation very easy to operate. Just need to collect wet waste an insert in the digestor. with periodic pH monitoring. Need to maintain multiple factors for smooth functioning. Knowledge of troubleshooting is required. the machinery helps to maintain the needed conditions for composting. A trained person is appointed to operate 
site of installation Can be installed at any site with needed space dimensions. No problem with rains, being a closed system pits should be built away from traffic due to foul odour site should be flat and should not be liable to flooding
periodic areation Not needed since it is anaerobic aeration needed aeration needed
Conversion time once fully functioning, takes 24 hours to convert waste to energy Can take 3 to 4 months for composting can take 2 to 4 weeks for composting
Output 1. Cooking gas 2. Fertilizer slurry fertilizer of varying quality  fertilizer of varying quality 
Extra treatment  Not needed 1. Crushing of waste is encouraged 2. Culture needed frequently which can approximately cost Rs 20,000 for a plant of 30 kg capacity Culture needed frequently which can approximately cost Rs 20,000 for a plant of 30 kg capacity
electricity not needed not needed needed for operation, which makes it expensive solution.  For a 30 kg capacity plant electricity approximately costs Rs 50,000 per year
smell no foul smell foul smell foul smell
Risk 1. No risk of rodents & pests 2. No risk of fire/ blast hazard with biogas risk of rodents, flies, pests and snakes risk
Investment  onetime investment with payback in avg 3 to 5 years. E.g. for a 30 kg capacity plant, one time investment of 2.6 lacs is needed. investment of 3 to 4 lacs is needed for 30 kg capacity plant investment of Rs 5 to 6 lacs is needed for 30 kg capacity plant
LPG Cylinders saving per year approximately you save number of LPG cylinders per year as much as the amount of waste you feed Vaayu everyday. For example with 30 kg capacity solution of Vaayu you will save 30 commercial LPG cylinders per year 0 0

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