Imparting Green-skills for a green future

Imparting Green-skills for a green future

Globally it is admitted that mass unemployment and climate change are two generation-defining crises the youth is facing and will inherit. While the unemployment crisis is deteriorating with Covid-19 pandemic, with climate change it is going to worsen further. Forcing the youth of today to live in a world of extremes, uncertainties, and environmental crises. (Marlene Leiss) In such situation empowering the youth with green-skills and green jobs is seen...
Pallavi Malshe

One step toward Fossil Independence

For the past 4 years, we are working related to biogas. This has been an intense learning experience. We have made 135 installations of Vaayu so far. Our customers or Vaayu-mitras as we call them are managing upto 1 ton of food waste per day and saving about 1,000 LPG cylinders worth fuel per year. Recently i came across the poem ‘Go all the way’ by  Charles Bukowski. The first...

वायु मित्रांचे अनुभव! औरंगाबादच्या कचरा प्रश्नावर प्रभावी उपाय

घरच्या घरी कचरा जिरवून त्यातून इंधन निर्माण करणारे वायु मित्र आपले अनुभव शेअर करत आहेत. औरंगाबाद मध्ये पडलेला कचरा प्रश्न सोडवण्यासाठी हा प्रभावी मार्ग आहे! या चळवळीत शामील व्हा! आपला कचरा घरच्या घरी जिरवा! 'वायु' शी मैत्री करा!   आपल्या घरी वायु बसवण्यासाठी संपर्क सागर माने: 76 201 75 930 प्रियदर्शन सहस्रबुद्धे: 76 201 99 316

BYKE Hotel, Matheran Experience

Vaayu is now a part of the waste management strategy of Matheran Hill station. Hotels will start managing their own waste and convert it to energy. Gujarat Bhavan and BYKE Hotel were the first two hotels to take this initiative. We welcome them to the Vaayu Mitra community. The Municipal Council of Matheran also is very proactive and they have also installed Vaayu in 7 wards. This is a very big...