Our own Junglebook!

How we grew our own jungle with Miyawaki approach! It all started with a series of events, that led me to grow this jungle! When on a study tour to Bangalore's Toyota Kirloskar Motor in 2012-13, I came across a dense forest plantation. It made me curious, and it was what stayed with me after the study tour rather than the manufacturing methods that we had gone to learn.   Then...
Pallavi Malshe

Lets plant a dense forest … Weekend of 9, 10th June

Dear Nature lovers, We planted a small dense forest last year. It had 484 trees of 40 types, all natives. Its been an amazing experience see the jungle grow. Heres how the jungle is growing. This one below is when we planted (May 2017) This one below is Nov 2017 This one below is May 2018 Seeing the jungle grow, we are now planting about 1,800 trees this year in...