Our own junglebook!

How we grew our own jungle with Miyawaki approach!

It all started with a series of events, that led me to grow this jungle!

When on a study tour to Bangalore’s Toyota Kirloskar Motor in 2012-13, I came across a dense forest plantation. It made me curious, and it was what stayed with me after the study tour rather than the manufacturing methods that we had gone to learn.  

Then surprisingly at our Vaayu Mitra Mary Dsouza’s place I again saw such dense jungle plantation. And I clearly felt that this is it! This is what I want to do in my space.

Then I learnt more from Mary about it, learnt that this is Miyawaki method of planting jungles which allows reforestation in any kind of land, even in small spaces. 

It clarified me that doing this was not only my emotional aspiration but it was completely in alignment with the Chakraakaar Lifestyle philosophy that I wish to propagate with my social impact enterprise Chakraakaar Lifestyle Solutions.

Trees are integral part of cyclic ecosystem. Trees capture energy with photosynthesis and give life to whole ecosystem! Not only that, but with use of appropriate technology, trees give us opportunity to adapt to fossil-fuel-free, circular lifestyle, which is the need of the hour.

मग काय! After convincing my team, my family we planted our first jungle with Miyawaki approach on 30 & 31st May 2017. We planted 500 trees comprising 50 species in 180 sq.meter land. And surprisingly within 6 months it started showing its denseness! 

Planting dense forest

Happy and more confident with the experience, we planted our second bigger jungle on 9th & 10th June 2018. This time with help of 60 volunteers, we planted 1800 trees comprising 50 species (mostly native) in 600 sq.m in just 2 days! 

Volunteers planting jungle

Now both the jungles are grown around 15 feet tall, the biodiversity is growing & being fostered in the jungle. Many birds including peacock & Grey Hornbill (करडा धनेश) are seen in this jungle located in semi-urban area! 

Miyawaki Jungle at Cafe Climate Pune

On this Van Mahotsav week, I would say to all enthusiasts that, “Good things like planting trees should be done as early as possible! but the most beautiful thing is that it’s never too late to start! Specially with these Miyawaki method, they grow so fast, that you get the joy of seeing a whole live jungle grow in front of your eyes!”

‐‐‐ wordings: Pallavi, narration by : Priyadarshan Sahasrabuddhe (founder Chakraakaar Lifestyles Solutions)


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