Imparting Green-skills for a green future

Globally it is admitted that mass unemployment and climate change are two generation-defining crises the youth is facing and will inherit. While the unemployment crisis is deteriorating with Covid-19 pandemic, with climate change it is going to worsen further. Forcing the youth of today to live in a world of extremes, uncertainties, and environmental crises. (Marlene Leiss)

In such situation empowering the youth with green-skills and green jobs is seen as the solution. And what better occasion than World Youth Skills Day to talk about this? 

Declared by the United Nations General Assembly this day is celebrated to mark the significance of equipping young people with skills for employment, decent work and entrepreneurship. This, especially as the world is embarking on a transition towards a sustainable model of development.

Chakraakaar Lifestyle Solution being an endeavor to deliver sustainability solutions, and having this dream of making fossil-fuel-free lifestyle possible, is not holding back when it comes to imparting green skills and creating green livelihood opportunities. 

Vaayu the first offering of our social impact enterprise equips us to manage our waste sustainably, and to also take first step towards fossil-fuel-free lifestyle as we make our own energy!

This one solution actually impacts in multiple additional ways. Such as: 

  • Offsetting fossil CO2  from environment 
  • Reducing our LPG dependence & reducing our expense on LPG generation & transportation 
  • Reducing deforestation for fuel 
  • Eradicating dumping yards gradually 
  • Reducing the land, air, water pollution happening due to dumping yards & sewage lines.
  • Providing better livelihoods to waste pickers/ sanitation workers.

While with Vaayu we impart this green-skill of sustainability to the end users (individuals/ families) as a life-skill, & to Institutional housekeeping/ sanitation staff as a green-livelihood skill, with our channel partner opportunity we are also imparting added green-skill to enter into green-entrepreneurship with Vaayu! 

On occasion of World Youth Skills Day, we appeal especially the youth, to get equipped with Vaayu’s green-skills, to get prepared for a fossil-fuel-free future. With Vaayu in your home/ society/institution start adopting our green-skills and make significant impact!

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