A Restaurant without LPG?

Dear Sustainability Warriors,

Since last Sunday i.e 18th August 2019, we started a restaurant at the farm. We served zunka bhakar to about 25 people. The difference being it was cooked on ‘Vaayu’ our biogas system at the farm. I would dare say that this will be the first such restaurant which will use biogas for cooking. Biogas which is derived from green grass and waste food.

In a typical Puneri style you might just see boards like the following when you visit:

‘LPG वापरणे आमच्या तत्त्वात बसत नाही’

and some UnPuneri boards like:

‘चक्क कॉपी करून उत्सहींनी शाखा काढाव्यात’

This is just the beginning and we will be racking our brains to generate enough energy to gradually run this restaurant more than once a week. Eventually we will grow the food too at the farm!

We are facing lots of challenges and all your involvement in needed to meet these. You are all invited on any Sunday as per you convenience. To not just have a nutritious meal but also be a part of this movement to live Sustainably!

When: Any and every Sunday of your convenience

11 am to 2 pm


Our farm is at the following location. About 5 km ahead of Hinjewadi towards Marunji

18°37’05.3″N 73°42’08.3″E
Nere नेरे village
From Hinjevadi (हिंजवडी) take the road toward Marunji.
After Marunji village, pass ‘Life Republic Township’ gate on the right
Then pass IIMS management college on the left
After 50 m see red gate on the left.
That’s our farm!
If you reach the Blue Dart Godown it means you have gone ahead and need to come back about 50 m



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