An appeal to the Green Investors!

Dear Fellow Punekars, PCMC kars,

I recently heard Satya Natarajan speak at a sustainable city event organised by Samuchit. He introduced the term ISR. Individual Social Responsibility! This idea was inspiring because it puts the ball in our court and brings the focus of what i can do.

We began to manage the waste in our society and converting it to energy. We are addressing 2 problems in this process.

  1. Saving Fossil Fuel and making our own Renewable cooking fuel
  2. Managing the kitchen waste in our building

An initiative by one family, can solve the problem of between 10 to 15 families. And this family will get the satisfaction of making a Green Investment. We would like to team up with such Green Investors. We have a technical solution but it will only make impact if we get together and build the social story around it!

We are calling for a meeting of interested green investors to do an act of ISR!

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