Community transmission: Of sustainable actions

Climate Change,  piles and piles of waste, humongous dumping grounds are our reality today. ‘WE’ are the root of these problems! OUR lifestyles is the problem. That is actually the good news. Since WE are the problem the solution is with ‘US’. We can do something about it. We can take decisions.

Here’s how!

This is Avanti Society on Sinhagad road, Pune. They collectively have taken the decision to make energy from their kitchen waste. There are 16 families and their kitchen waste is managed with Vaayu. The gas generated is currently used by 2 families. This is their story. How they made it happen.

If they can do it so can all of us! We know in a cooperative society it is tough! But believe me, its easier than fighting wars (which the world has fought for oil and energy).

We are on a mission “Clean, Climate Action with Dignity”

By making our own energy from waste with Vaayu,

  • We are reducing the need to use fossil energy. This is a Community Climate Action.
  • By managing our waste we are keeping our surroundings CLEAN
  • By managing waste at source we are eliminating the transport and dumping of kitchen waste. It gets managed before it becomes dirty. By this we can bring DIGNITY to lives of people who are managing waste

If you wish to make this happen in your society or home or canteen or hotel.. reach out to us in the form below.


Let such Sustainable Actions enter their Community Transmission Phase.

Team Vaayu

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