Cooking for Climate!

The proof of the pudding lies in eating!

Lets meet and eat… Food cooked entirely on renewable energy. On biogas, on Biomass stoves and on Solar heat. We will cook and while cooking get to know how these techniques work. Needless to say we will eat what we have cooked!

21st Dec, 2019

Saturday, 11 am

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Our farm is at the following location. About 5 km ahead of Hinjewadi towards Marunji

18°37’05.3″N 73°42’08.3″E

Nere नेरे village

From Hinjevadi (हिंजवडी) take the road toward Marunji.

After Marunji village, pass ‘Life Republic Township’ gate on the right

Then pass IIMS management college on the left

After 50 m see red gate on the left.

That’s our farm!

If you reach the Blue Dart Godown it means you have gone ahead and need to come back about 50 m

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