Join the climate movement! Invitation for the First Volunteer Meet

Climate change is an emergency!

An ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory! Lets take small steps of action which will gradually emerge to make powerful impact!

We develop small biogas units to empower common people to make energy from biomass and start preparing for the future. Currently through 200 installations we are saving about 1,200 cylinders of fossil LPG. We are looking for Volunteers to take this cause ahead.

Volunteer for this cause. Volunteer in your free time, volunteer your skills, your experience, your enthusiasm! Join us at our Volunteer meet to know more about how you can start making a difference from where you are!

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When: Saturday, 1 Feb 2020

What time: 6 to 7.30 pm (First half an hour for introduction)

Where: Sambhaji Park, Jangli Maharaj Road

For queries contact

Sagar 90 96 96 4438

Priyadarshan 76201 99316

Team ‘Vaayu’

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