Invitation to meet the Green Energy Warriors

As a  part of an initiative by Samuchit Enviro Tech on Citizens Charter and Action agenda for Sustainable Pune, meet the common people who have become Green Energy Warriors. A process which began about 4 years ago is now a community of more than a 1000 people.  Through 130 installations across Maharashtra the Vaayu Mitra community is converting about 1 ton of food waste per day into about 1,000 cylinders worth of fuel per year.

Vaayu is a biogas technology which is simple to use and empowers common people to make their own energy from food waste. Vaayu mitra are the people who use Vaayu. Meet these social engineers who are not just reducing carbon emissions but also keeping the surroundings clean by making energy from waste. Interact with them and hear their socio-technical journey.

Would you like to make energy from your waste at your home, society, school, college or canteen, mess or restuarant? People who are looking to do something hatke (हटके) will find this really interesting.

When: Thursday, 28th Feb 2019, 5 to 8 pm

Venue: Indradhanushya Environment and Citizenship Centre, Pune

Opposite to Sachin Tendulkar Jogging Track,

Near Mhatre Bridge

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