Creating rural livelihoods on surplus bio energy

Rural areas have various form of biomass which can be used as input to Vaayu.

  1. Dung of all animals
  2. Green grass
  3. Human sewage
  4. All food waste

Depending on the seasonal availability of the above inputs we can design our systems. Through knowledge transfer we can enable rural people to drive this science. This includes installing, operating, trouble shooting.

Here are some of our installation in rural homes. Currently these are used for cooking. The next step is to start generating surplus and link a livelihood activity around it. Using this bio-energy has so many advantages

  1. It is renewable energy
  2. It makes the people self reliant
  3. It does not create smoke as against using wood for cooking which causes serious health damage

However the real problem that needs to be solved is how can rural people afford it. And to solve for this problem we are working to build livelihood programs on surplus energy. The first step would be food processing. Through this livelihood we will generate the income which will finance the Vaayu. If that happens then this proposition becomes bankabale and we can take this to many more families.

Above installation is at Village Aswali Harsh, in Trimbakeshwar Taluka of Nashik District. At the home of Shravan Bhau. We are doing this work in collaboration with Pragati Abhiyan Nashik. An organisation working on rural livelihood. We conducted a training of 15 people on how to make Vaayu. The focus was to initiate a thought process around what livelihood we can build using this energy.

Above installations are in Ratnagari district. In collaboration with JSW Ratnagiri CSR.

Above installation in Village Phalode near Rajgurunagar, Pune District.

Above is description of our Vaayu Mitra Ratna Rahate and Bhakti Rahate at Ratnagiri. It is our privilege that we get to work with such enthusiastic people who really care for the environment. This is right on the coast near Jaygad port.

This is the direction in which we are working. Taking our world to sustain on renewable energy!

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