Making a village Energy Surplus: Borvha Project

We have been working on biogas for the past 4 years now. Our solution Vaayu is a modular, human scale biogas device which requires zero operating energy. We have always faced the challenge of how to make Vaayu affordable for the common person. We are solving for affordability. Biogas for rural areas has been traditionally seen as a system running on gobar or animal dung primarily used for cooking fuel. However, we can go further and use any of the following as inputs for biogas.

  1. Dung of all animals
  2. Human Sewage
  3. all green biomass and grasses
  4. all food waste

These inputs are abundantly available in villages or can be made abundantly available with planning. Therefore surplus gas can be produced easily. What we are working on is generating surplus gas and developing livelihood options on this surplus. Livelihood such as food processing or any heat based process. If milk is being produced, we can make khava on the surplus energy and generate more income. If we are able to do these Vaayu becomes an investment and we can get a loan which can be paid through the income generated.

Our first opportunity develop this model is in Borvha village. This is in Washim district in Manglurpir taluka. They have done good work in the Paani Foundation Movement. We were connected to this village through our friend who is working with Paani Foundation.

So here we are trying to solve for affordability. Of a lifestyle based on renewable energy! This project is being done in collaboration with Rotary Club of Pune, Metro. We are looking for donors for this project. Through the donations we will make the biogas setups at 30 households. People will be trained at using the biogas and troubleshooting. Simultaneously we will be working out how to ensure sufficient input is available and what livelihood activity we can do on the surplus energy.

We received the donations for the first 3 installations and the activity has already begun. We are looking for donors for the remaining 27 installations. Kindly contact us here

In you would like to collaborate with us in any other way please contact us too. We are looking forward!

Training session

Photo of installation

First reaction when gas generation began

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