First step to being Energy Surplus at Borvha Village

We have begun to journey with the villagers of Borvha. Towards harvesting energy and not just being energy independent but energy surplus.

During our journey of developing Vaayu we have always faced the question of how will clean bioenergy be affordable. To solve for affordability we have taken the approach of connecting livelihood to the bioenergy. This is the theme around which we are working in Borvha Village.

Borvha is a small village in Mangrulpir Taluka of Washim district. They villagers have worked hard in the Paani Foundation movement towards water conservation. People are motivated and ready to work together. Through our common friends we got to know about Borvha village.

We know that Vaayu works. Food, food waste, green grass, dung of all animals as well as human sewage can be converted to biogas. We know this technology works. But that is not enough! Technology is one part of the solution. Peoples involvement is an equally important part. This is the strength of Borvha village. Peoples participation.

Taking the digestor to its location

Training about how Vaayu works

The first 3 installations have been made. We have 27 more to go. This project is supported by the Rotary Club of Pune Metro. We are in search of donors for the next 27 installations.

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